Video marketing is a something that is made up of a lot of different parts, steps and procedures. Having one thing out of tune can hurt your entire video marketing campaign. Are you using video marketing effectively or are you creating campaigns that are not running as effective as possible?

Since there are so many parts of video marketing we have an entire section on my site dedicated to video marketing and Iast week we went over The Stay With Me Technique, which is designed to keep your visitors on your videos and prevent them from leaving your videos to watch your competitor’s videos. But, today we are going to go over a cool tip that is extremely effective for local businesses. This is something every local business should be doing, if they are ranking videos in Google and YouTube. If are you not doing this, it would be like fishing without bait.

You can also check out our video on video marketing tip #2, but don’t forget to check out our examples and our 2 bonus tips below!

Video marketing tip #2 is all about using the best title and description on your YouTube videos. This may seem pretty straightforward…all you need to do is write your company name, city, keywords, and niche…right? NO! The most important part of your title and description should be your phone number and/or address! Sadly, most people leave this out and it’s a big mistake.

Why Is Putting Your Contact Info So Important?

When people are looking for businesses in their area they go to Google and type in the niche and city (example. lawyer Los Angeles, wedding planner Denver, etc) and will see a page full of results. Since, your video is ranked for your keywords your video will appear with a thumbnail, which gives you a 42% higher click thru rank than everyone else, but not everyone wants to watch a video. Some people will call or visit the first company they see, some will need quotes and call a few companies, some might just want an address or some may just need hire someone quickly for a job. My point is, everyone is different and just because your video is there, doesn’t mean people will automatically watch it. But, if you title, label and describe your video effectively you can market yourself in a way that people will and CAN get a hold of you without even having to watch the video.

How To Properly Title and Write The Best Description For Local Business Marketing

The title and description of your video are what appear in Google’s search results. The format will look like this:

Format of Video Results in Google

As you can see, the title and the description of the video in YouTube are the title and description of the search results in Google. All you need to do is place your phone number or address in the title of YouTube and place your website and phone number (or address) in the description of the video. When you do this, Google will place them both in the search results.

Here is a local business video that is ranked in Google with a phone number, but I also placed one without a phone number just so you can see the difference and visually understand why this is so important.

Video Marketing Tips For Google Results

Besides the fact that your contact info is being displayed in the search results, it is more eye catching to have a phone number in the title. It’s a double bonus!

Should I Put My Phone Number, Address or Both?

I would never put both down because that will take up too much space in your title and you still need to add a few more things (which we will go over next). The decision to put your address or your phone number depends on the type of business you own. If you have a retail business it is probably more important to put the address since a lot of people will be visiting you, not calling. But, if you own a service based business like a lawyer, wedding planner, contractor, etc you should put your phone number because most people will be calling you, not visiting you.

What Else Should Go In The Title?

The most important things to include in your title are your (in  order) the city, your keyword (which will be the industry you’re in), your contact info and your company name, if you have room. For example, if I was a contractor in Denver I would put something like “Quality Denver Contractor – 1-800-000 – Company Name”. Only put your company name if you have enough room for it. The most important things are the contact info, city name, and industry (since that will be your keyword, in this case it was “contractor”).

What Does The Best Format Look Like?

"City+Industry/Keyword+Contact Info+Company Name=
Most Effective Local Business Video Title EVER!"
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BONUS Video Marketing Tips!

Bonus Tip #1 – Add Review Star Text

This is a tip I have been playing around with on websites and it has been working fantastically! I have carried this over to videos and so far it has been working pretty smoothly, so it’s about time I share it with you guys.

I have been putting five stars in the meta description of websites so it  would look similar to yelp reviews and other review sites. Besides the fact it is an eye catcher, it looks like you are a five out of five star company to the people searching Google. I carried this over to video and it works great. I put it at the beginning of the description, and when Google using the default description in the search results the stars will appear. It will look something like this:

Video Marketing Technique

To do this all you need to is copy and paste these stars:  ★★★★★ and paste them in the beginning of your description. I like using an adjective in front of them and then going straight into your contact info. Something like this, “Quality: ★★★★★ – Denver Contractor, Free Quote Call: 1-800-000-0000 or visit to get a quote from Company Name…”

Bonus Tip #2 – Offer An Incentive

If you decide to give an offer, coupon, or discount in your video I would add it next to the stars. I recommend using a discount or coupon because most people finding you online will be new customers and you want them in the doors so you can turn them into repeat customers. Things like 10% off your first order, free coffee for new customers, etc will help convert people finding you online into customers. If they your video online but don’t call or visit you, then your video is pointless. For this reason, I strongly recommend you offer some kind of offer. It can look something like this, “Quality: ★★★★★ – Denver Contractor – 10% Off For New Customers – Call: 1-800-000-0000 to get a FREE QUOTE from Company Name…”

I hope this helps everyone and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter under this article to get more marketing tips from us. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them! All you need to do is post a comment under this article and let me know what you think!