Grow Your Small Business With Yelp MarketingAre you listed on Yelp? If you answered no, guess what…you are probably already listed and you don’t even know it. Yelp creates lists of businesses and you don’t even need to submit your business to be listed. This means your site could be reviewed and you won’t even know it. For that reason alone, you should be claiming your Yelp profile and monitoring the reviews that come in, adding your information, uploading pictures and videos.

And in addition to that, Yelp receives 18 million monthly visitors looking for one thing…businesses in their area! Those two reason alone should be enough to make you want to spend some time marketing on Yelp, but there are a few more reasons (like getting your yelp profile on Google’s first page)  why it is important. So take a few minutes and check out our video explaining why Yelp marketing is so important for your small business.

After watching that video you are probably beginning to understand why Yelp is so important. The more reviews, and the better the reviews, the more likely you are to appear in Google and within Yelp’s site as well. But, do you know how to get more Yelp reviews? And not just any Yelp reviews…but how to get AWESOME Yelp reviews almost every time?

We tested some methods and got some awesome results. So check out this video and see what we did to get more Yelp reviews.

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Note – We actually listed another technique on how to get more Yelp reviews (on another video which we took down), and we mention you could leave out a tablet, computer or iPad to have people leave reviews. One of my YouTube viewers, David who specializes in San Diego dentist marketing, mentioned that is a risky method because Yelp can see that all the reviews are coming from the same IP address. This is a great point and we don’t recommend anyone uses a kiosk, tablet, or computer to have customers leave reviews. Additionally, keep in mind you want all your reviews to look natural and not to gain a lot of reviews in spurts to avoid having any of them removed by Yelp.


Additional Methods To Get Your Profile On Google’s First Page

Besides getting a lot of good reviews there are a few things you can do to get your Yelp page to appear in Google’s search results. We go through the two most effective methods below.

Method #1 – Get Backlinks To Your Yelp Profile

Sometimes just having a completed profile with a lot of good reviews isn’t enough to get you on the first page of Google. But, if you get a few backlinks pointing to your Yelp profile, your profile will climb up the search results.

We tested this for a heating and air company (AirWorks) in Camarillo, CA. We began with article marketing and created links with anchor text as their keywords. Right now, they are still climbing, but you can see some of the results for keywords like “Camarillo heating service” in Google. Within a short amount of time we were get them on the first page, using their Yelp profile.

Keep in mind – You should include your keywords in your business description. Also, when building backlinks, build quality backlinks and build them slowly. Don’t over use the same anchor text. Always mix up the anchor text you are using and throw in some throw away anchor text like “click here” or “more info” to make it look more natural.

How We Did It For AirWorks

Since Yelp is such a powerful site it doesn’t take much to rank your Yelp profile. In fact, it is MUCH easier to rank your Yelp profile than it is to rank your website. All we did was use a system called Unique Article Wizard. It allows us to write three unique articles and it submits the articles to hundreds of article directories with back links to our Yelp profile! It even allows us to drip feed the links…meaning we can tell them to how many articles to submit a day. This allows us to control the amount of backilnks we get per day and makes it look more natural in Google’s eyes. You don’t want to get hundreds or of backilnks out of the blue in one day. That could hurt your rankings.

That’s all we did to get Airworks’s profile ranked. We just used Unique Article Wizard. It has climbed pretty fast and we continue to see good results each week.

You can check out Unique Article Wizard Here.

This is how the Unique Article Wizard system works:

If you decide to use Unique Article Wizard you can write a good article and spin it using The Best Spinner and it will allow you to create a ton of unique articles to use in Unique Article Wizard. You can access The Best Spinner here. You don’t really need to worry about spinning if you are just focusing on one yelp profile, but it helps in the long run if you plan on doing a lot of these.

To see how it works you can watch this video:

Method #2 – Complete Your Profile With Videos and Pictures

When you are filling out your profile Yelp will have you fill out a lot of fields and information. It may take some time, but be sure to fill out as much information as you can. The more complete your profile the more likely Yelp and Google will rank your profile. Don’t forget to add your keywords in your business description.

A completed profile goes beyond just filling out as many fields as possible. It also includes uploading pictures and video of your business. This is one step that most people do not take, but it only takes 10 minutes to do. It is so simple, yet people don’t think it’s important. You want everything little edge over you competition and this helps you get that edge.

For example, if Yelp has two profiles in there database for tile contractors in Los Angeles and Profile A has 10 5-star ratings, a 100% completed profile, pictures, and video and Profile B has a 75% completed profile, 3 5-Star ratings, no pictures, and no videos who do you think Yelp will rank higher? Profile A of course! They want to present the best profile per the visitors search query.

So, I hoped you found these tips useful and you enjoyed this guide on Yelp marketing. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave me a comment below. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get all my future updates, case studies I’ve done, special marketing techniques and more!