I decided to break up the video marketing section into a few parts. The reason I decided to do this is because it will allow me to go a little deeper into each part of local video marketing. They are several types of videos that every business owner should be doing, which we discuss in my free local business video marketing course. It takes more than creating a video showing off your services. In fact, you can cast a net of different types of video ads capturing all sorts of local searches. In this post we will talk about the first type, reviews and testimonials.

Almost everyone knows the basic search done in Google, which is what I call the “find a local business search”. This where the searcher is trying to find a local business and they do so by searching for general local keywords. For example, they will search for things like “Los Angeles plumber” or “hair salon in Boston”. We will touch on these types of video ads in the future but there are more types of videos/searches than the “find a local business” video.

Types Of Reviews and Testimonial Videos You SHOULD Be Using

There is one type of search that most people forget about, and that is the reviews and testimonial search. When someone finds a business they will often look up reviews of that business to make sure they are as good as they seem. This will result in searches containing your business name, such as “Kat’s Yoga Studio reviews” and “testimonials from Kat’s Yoga studio”. Another type of search that will be performed are industry reviews, these are generally a little broader. You will see things like “yoga studio in Napa reviews”. This type of search is for someone looking for the yoga studio in Napa with the best results, and likely has not discovered you yet. And lastly, you will see the searches for testimonials. Although this search is not as common as the last two, it will still happen from time to time.

Obviously you will want your videos (showing off your awesome reviews/testimonials) to come up in Google and YouTube when those searches are being done, but you can also put them on Facebook, your website and other social media sites. That is what we did here on Kat’s Yoga website. This will give you more credibility and increase the chances of converting website visitors into customers.

Why Are These Videos So Important?

The obvious answer is because they get your potential customer to know, like and trust you. It makes the sale a lot easier and builds your credibility. But more importantly, ┬áthe people who are searching for those terms are ready to buy. That is why they are looking up reviews. This isn’t just the random person looking for businesses in their area. This is a person who is ready to buy and is looking for the highest reviewed company that they can trust. If you can get your awesome review and testimonial videos in front of these searchers, they will convert like crazy.

Even though these types of searches are not being done as much as the “find a local business” searches, they convert a lot better and could bring you more customers. In fact, if you have a “find a local business video” up and they liked what they saw and are still unsure, they will Google your business name and look for reviews. Then your review video will come up, and boom you just got a new customer!

For example, if someone searched for “yoga in napa” and saw our video but was not 100% sold; they will look for reviews on Kat’s Yoga Studio. So, they search “reviews on Kat’s yoga studio” and they will find our video showing our best reviews and testimonials!

How To Construct These Videos

There are two types, the review and the testimonial video. Let’s go into each one.

Review Video

The review video will just show your best reviews and is pretty straight forward. You can have a video showing your customers giving a 1-2 line review and cycle them throughout your video. Or you can use reviews left on Yelp or other review sites and have them cycle in as text on the screen. End each video with your call to action. It’s all pretty straight forward.

Testimonial Video

The testimonial video should always be constructed the correct way and we wrote an entire article showing you how to construct a video testimonial. In this 5 step process you allow the viewer to connect and identify through pain points and then you bring it home by offering the solution and giving yourself a recommendation. These are great for using on your website and getting ranked in Google and YouTube. The great thing about these videos is the fact that they are really easy to rank because the keywords are usually not very competitive.

What We Did For Kat’s Yoga Studio

We ended up doing three testimonial videos all targeting different keywords. Since, I live in Southern California and Kat lives in Napa Valley I was unable to film or direct these testimonials. She ended up having a videographer come in and film a few of them and she used her iPhone for the Gentle Yoga video. I gave as much direction as I could but these testimonials didn’t 100% follow the testimonial outline I gave. They are pretty close and will still be effective, but try to follow the outline as much as possible. ┬áREMEMBER – If you film these video testimonials you will need a video release form. If you are a part of the Live Marketing Challenge newsletter, we already emailed you one you can use. If you are not a part of the newsletter you can get one here: http://www.soldwithvideo.com/VRF

NOTE – We used a video intro on these videos. You don’t have to use one, the choice is up to you. But, if you do want to use one you can see how to get one for $20 right here.

Here are the three testimonials we are starting out with (we may be adding more in the future):

Gentle Yoga Reviews in Napa – Kat’s Yoga Studio Review and Testimonials

This testimonial is from a couple in their 90’s and both are students of Kat’s gentle yoga classes. This is a great example because it shows how healthy these two students are in their 90’s and to the viewer this could be a direct correlation to how healthy yoga and Kat’s class can be.

We titled is with our main keyword “Gentle Yoga Classes in Napa” and we also through in “Kat’s Yoga Studio Review”. This way we covered all our bases and could potentially get ranked for the business review searches and industry review searches. For example, “Kat’s gentle yoga reviews” and “gentle yoga reviews in Napa”.

Yoga In Napa Reviews – Kat’s Yoga Classes Reviews and Testimonials

This video is a nice testimonial from a younger gal to show that Kat works with all ages and levels. We titled this video with the main keyword “yoga in Napa reviews” and Kat’s yoga classes reviews”. Notice that in the last video we used “Kat’s yoga studio….” and this one we are using “Kat’s yoga classes…” We are capitalizing as much as we can on having three video and we are using separate sets of keywords. There wouldn’t be a point to title them all the same thing because they would get ranked for all the same keywords.

Yoga Studio In Napa Reviews – Kat’s Yoga Reviews and Testimonial

In this video we want to show that even a 12 year yoga veteran can still find great value in Kat’s yoga studio. We titled this video “Yoga Studio in Napa Reviews” to go after that main keyword. We ended up using “Kat’s Yoga Reviews and Testimonial” without the “studio” or “classes” just to change things up.

How Did We Optimize This?

I optimized these videos following the format I talked about in my local video marketing course (day 2). If you are a part of the Live Marketing Challenge newsletter we emailed you this course. If you are not, you can get access to it here. The only thing I did not do is put the phone number in the title because Kat was receiving phone calls throughout the day (from her website) and email is easier for her to respond to.

Everything else is the same as discussed on day 2. We used the keywords in the title, put the link to the video at the bottom of the description with our main keyword, we inputted the city name in the advanced settings, etc.

Now it’s time to let these rank naturally and move onto the next style of video. This will be the “find a local business” style video and we will do an entire post on this next post. I want to give these videos a little time to settle into the search results and I will send an update on how they are ranking.