Do you know how to turn your video viewers into website traffic? Well you should, because that is the entire point of video marketing. If you don’t or if you want more help, you NEED to check out this video marketing strategy we created help increase the amount of website traffic you get from your videos.

We use this technique because it is a very effective method, but it also allows you to give your video viewer so much value that they are happy to click over to your website. That’s right…no more begging, hoping or tricking your video viewers into clicking over to your website. Let’s face it, even if begging, hoping, and tricking your video viewers works, they WILL NOT stay on your site for very long and they won’t return.

But, using this technique in your videos gives your video viewer so much value they will be happy to click over and will likely return to your website again. So, let’s great right into video marketing tip #4. Check out the video below!

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Addtional Method To Use In This Video Marketing Strategy and Some Examples

Offer Something Free

I know we talked about adding an additional tip on your website that ties into the series of tips you did in your video, but you can also offer something for free to get people to click over to your website. Not only that, you can use that as a way to get them on your mailing list.

For example, you can create a video talking about the importance of using a website template instead of hiring a web designer. In your video, you can talk about the benefits and why they should do it. At then end of the video, offer them 3 free website templates that they can access on your website. You can then redirect them to an article you wrote, with the download link, or send them to a landing page where they have to sign up for your newsletter to get the free templates. Since your talked about how great website templates are, they will LOVE to get some for free and would he happy to click to your website.

This can be done for almost any industry. The cool thing about this is that once they are on your mailing list you can turn them into a customer. If you were a web designer this could be a good idea because most people will need help editing the templates or might not even like the ones you gave for free and hire you to create a new one.

You will be surprised, that even though you talked about how they shouldn’t use a web designer people will still contact you for work. They do this because you are honest, you aren’t selling to them and you gave them value. They trust you and know that you know what you are talking about. Just don’t bash web designers (or your industry) too hard.

Just remember the formula: Adding Value In Your Video + Provide Even MORE Value On Your Website + Provide A Link To The Website = TRAFFIC

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Adding Value In Your Video + Provide Even MORE Value On Your Website + Provide a Link 
To The Website = TRAFFIC 

Example #1

I created a video talking about how to create an effective title in your YouTube video. At the end I tell them we have a few examples, so they can see how to do it and two more bonus tips for them on our website. This video covers how to create an effective video and gives great value, so when they see they can get even more great value by clicking over to the website, they do it! Here is a link to the video, you can see how we do this at 2:55.

Example #2

I created another video about how to create a professional Facebook profile. The video goes step by step and shows you everything you need to do. But, I tell them in the video if they want to see a few examples and ideas they can click over to our website. On our website I created a blog post telling them how to create a Facebook profile and I listed 4 more examples for them to check out.

This has since been one of my most popular videos and I have received the most traffic from this video (I was able to get this video ranked in Google and YouTube). You can see it here. You can fast forward to 2:10 to see where we did this.

Alright, I hope you guys found this useful and if you did or want to discuss even more ideas feel free to leave me a comment below. You can also sign up for our newsletter if you want more marketing advice from me. Be sure to check back soon to see our new articles.