As a small and local business owner you need to be taking part in video marketing. Why, you might ask? The main reason is that it works for you 24/7 and is one of the cheapest forms of marketing possible. But, you need to do it correctly so you can turn anyone watching your video into a customer. If you are not turning people watching your video into customers, then you’re wasting your time with video marketing.

With this video marketing tip you can learn how to take any local or small business video ad and turn it into a customer creating machine. So, what is this marketing tip? It is to add an incentive to your video! But, not just any incentive…an incentive that is SO AWESOME they have no choice but to be your customer. You need to create the perfect incentive, avoid the common mistakes of incentives, and structure it correctly.

We created a video on this to help you structure the best incentive and understand why it is so important. So take 5 minutes to watch this video and we have some bonus tip for you below the video.

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Some Quick Examples

Here are some quick examples of incentives you can offer that will make it hard for people to refuse.

50%+ Off First Time Customers – If I was looking for a business in my area and saw one offering 50% off first time customers it would be hard for me to refuse. Great for business with repeat customers like hotel chains, hair salons, nail salons, spas, massage parlors (usually), coffee shops, restaurants  pet hotels, pet grooming, pet stores, entertainment (lazer tag, bowling, movie theaters, etc), grocery stores, car maintenance like oil changes, and other businesses where customers will come back. Not great for businesses whose customers buy once or won’t need to buy often like car dealerships, lawyers, electronic stores, etc.

Free Item –  This is great for businesses who can offer a small free item and easily up sell the customer while they are there. For example, a coffee shop would be good because they can offer a free cup of coffee, but when they come in they can up sell them a muffin. Or offer them a free muffin because it will be easier to up sell them a cup of coffee once they have the muffin. Another example would be a running store, they can offer a free water bottle or pair of socks but up sell them a pair of shoes.

Small Discount (10%-20% off) – This one is not as effective as the other two, but it will work for businesses who have high end pricing and low levels of repeat business. This would be good for heating and air companies, plumbers, contractors, etc. These are businesses who will usually bill customers over a few hundred dollars, but could have repeat business for maintenance or repairs.

Avoid Bundling or Strings Attached Deals – These would be deals or incentives that are only valid with a purchase. For example, an offer for a free pair of socks with a shoe purchase. All your incentives need to be 100% NO STRINGS ATTACHED. These incentives need to be no-brainers! The whole point is to drive customers into your doors so you can turn them into repeat customers. Don’t worry about getting a sale with your incentive, if your business is truly awesome, they will buy and return!

"Giving up profit of the first purchase, is TOTALLY worth gaining a customer for LIFE!"
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Secret Tip #1: How To Show Your Incentive In Google’s Search Results

An incentive is so effective I am stunned people are not doing it. But, what’s the point of coming up with an incentive if people don’t watch your video? Yea, getting your video ranked in Google gives you a 42% higher click thru rate than the standard text result, but it doesn’t guarantee you will get everyone to watch your video. But, if you can get your incentive displayed in Google’s search results you can get people calling, visiting or contacting you without even watching your video, especially if you followed our video marketing tip #2.

So, how do you get your incentive to come up in Google’s search results? It actually pretty easy, just make your incentive the first sentence in the video description on YouTube. Yes, adding your contact info is very important too, but make a short and quick incentive right before your contact info.

Most of the time Google will place the first few lines of your video description as the default description in their search results. This means your incentive will be displayed directly in their search results and everyone searching Google (for your keywords) will see it. This won’t happen 100% of the time because sometimes Google will show different parts of the description based on keywords the person is searching. But, when it happens it’s very effective.

When done correctly it will look something like this:

Video Marketing Example

Secret Tip #2: Get Video Viewers Who Are Already Looking For Incentives

Believe it or not some people actually search Google looking for coupons, deals, and discounts. For example, if I was looking for an air conditioning company in my area I may search for terms like “Los Angeles Air Conditioning Coupon” or if I was looking for a hair salon I may search for terms like “Coupon for Hair Salon in Los Angeles”.

When people are searching for these terms, wouldn’t you want your video to come up in Google with your incentive? Of course you would! It’s almost a guaranteed customer! All you need to do is add the words “coupon”, “discount”, “deal”, etc to your video description.

Don’t add those words just by listing them; you should incorporate them in a sentence at the bottom of your description and as tags in your video. For example, I would us something like this at the end of your text description:

“Don’t forget about our coupon of 50% off your first hair cut. This is an amazing discount for locals in Los Angeles, you will not find this 50% off deal anywhere else.”

When you do this you are using multiple keywords that can be pulled up when people do searches in Google. You will also notice I listed the incentive in that description twice! This helps ensure the incentive is listed in Google when people search for those keywords. Botta-Bing-Botta-Boom incentive success!

I hope you found this useful and if you did let me know by leaving me a comment or question below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want more advice just like this. And lastly, don’t forget to check out our video marketing tip #1 and video marketing tip #2 for more video marketing success!