We are continuing right along with the Live Marketing Challenge and in this post we are going over Kat’s marketing video. When you are creating videos they should be designed in a certain format to be able to convert your viewers into callers and customers. In this post I will show you exactly what we did with Kat’s video and how you can do the same thing to get the best marketing video possible.

The Purpose Of The Marketing Video

These videos are designed to get seen by people searching for a business just like yours. This means when a local resident goes to Google or YouTube to look for a business just like yours, you want your video to come up. When it does, it will appear in the search results with a thumbnail, giving you a 42% high click-thru rate than the standard text result.


Having a video on the first page of Google gives you a lot more power than a standard text result because you have that thumbnail. Not only will you get a higher click-thru rate, but you can also control the thumbnail image. This means you can upload your own thumbnail to show off a certain special or deal. Currently there is no other format available on the first page of Google that allows you to do this. In order to do this you need to unlock the ability to input a custom thumbnail and you need to be sure the thumbnail ALWAYS accurately describes the content of your video. If you don’t, you will get a fast click-away rate on your videos and YouTube could delete your account if you use “tricky” or false representations on your thumbnails.

Why You Need To Construct The Video Correctly

When designing your video you need to keep in mind that it is for the perspective client, NOT you. The biggest mistake I see people make is creating a marketing video talking about themselves and the services they offer. Of course you want to tell them what you can offer but you need to do it in a way that is all about the viewer. You need to let the viewer know how they will benefit from your services.

For example, instead of saying “We offer affordable grass cutting services for all lawns” say “YOUR grass will look professionally cut and landscaped and our lowest price guarantee will save you money.” Instead telling them we are affordable and cut grass, we describe how they will benefit from our services and allow them to visualize our service.

The entire purpose of these videos is to convert into calls and customers and by constructing these videos the right way you can increase the conversions of your videos. From my experience, this is the best format to follow as best you can (Not every video or industry can follow this 100% of the time, but it is a good guideline to keep in mind).

How To Construct Your Local Marketing Video Ads

As I mentioned above you want to construct the ads in a certain format, but it is not always possible. Just use the following info as a guideline to help you construct your videos. The format I like to use is this:

1 – Create  Hook Target Pain Points Without Emphasizing Them

In this step you can start off touching on the things that your customers are usually concerned with, but don’t just list them right off the bat. You want to use something like this: “Get your grass professionally cut and landscaped and with our lowest price guarantee you WILL save you money.”

Right off the bat we hit the two paint points everyone has with cutting the grass, they worry about it looking good and how much it is going to cost.

2 – Reassurance and Build Your Credibility

This is where you can mention your business name but also build your credibility. Here is an example: “At Grass Cutters, we have been cutting lawns in Townsville (mentioning your city name is a huge plus for ranking your video and identifing with your customer) for 20 years and our experience has allowed us to offer you the best service possible at the lowest prices. This allows to bring you a no-worry, stress-free service.”

We still haven’t mentioned all our services. The only thing we did was build our credibility by mentioned our years of experience and offering reassurance to our ability by ensuring it will be stress-free and they won’t have to worry about anything. So far, it has been only about them and how they will benefit.

Remember, this is NOT the time to list everything you offer. It is about the customer, once they call you you can mention more services or wait until they are actually a customer to offer other services or up-sells.

3 – Engagement/Identify With The Customer

Now we want to engage and identify with the customer. This allows you to connect with them and their situation. We can do this next: “We work with all yards, all lawns, commercial and residential, homeowners or renters!”

With this one sentence we have connected with just about every type of potential customer who would be searching for a lawn care company.

4 – Benefit/Incentive and Then Call To Action

Now it is time to bring it home! You can use your call to action and adding in an incentive is a huge benefit because it will help you convert a lot better. Let’s do something like this:

“Right now we are offering 10% off ONLY to customers who saw this video. Call us at 888-888-8888 to claim your 10% now and don’t forget to mention you saw this ad!”

Now, the customer feels like they are getting a special deal since they are part of the limited offer and they have the phone number to call all in the last part of the video. This script was short, to the point, hit the pain points, gave you credibility and allowed you to identify with the customer.

Here’s What We Did With Kat’s Video

The first thing we did was make the video, obviously.

How We Made The Video

If you don’t know this by now, we make affordable video ads and rank them for business owners. The format we used with Kat’s video is the same as what we do for all our clients. We take our clients footage (video and photos) and combine it with professional music and a professional voice over to create a professional video ad.

With Kat, she had a videographer come in and film some footage, which she had the videographer send to us. Then we created the video ad per her specifications. But, most of our clients just send us images, which still produces a great looking video ad.

This is one of the most affordable ways to get a professional video ad, if interested you can get more info here.

How Constructed Kat’s Video Script

With Kat’s video we slightly changed the structure of the format I recommended. Since Napa will have tourists and residents look for yoga classes we want to start off targeting both of them. Then we moved into the credibility, then pain points. Here is how I broke down Kat’s script (I feel this format will still work). We just built credibility before pain points, but we had to because we wanted to hook both residents and tourists from the beginning.

Yoga In Napa

1 – Hook Targeting Both Types of Viewers/Identify With Viewer

Kat’s yoga studio in Napa is a cozy and peaceful environment for local residents and Napa Valley visitors to pursue their yoga practice

2 – Reassurance and Build Your Credibility & Target Pain Points Without Emphasizing Them

With over 30 years of experience teaching yoga and fitness, Kat skillfully guides all levels from beginners to advanced students, offering gentle and mixed level classes at a flowing pace accompanied by a soothing musical background.

(Hit the pain points of people worry about advanced ad beginner classes and 30 years experience builds credibility)

3 – Engagement/Identify With The Customer

Each class if focused on body alignment, deep breathing practices, and meditation through movement.

Group classes, private individual sessions, special group gatherings and classes for children are all offered.

(We describe the classes so they can visualize the calm breathing exercises)

4 – Benefit/Incentive and Then Call To Action

Visit yogainnapa.com , for scheduled classes & to reserve your spot. And don’t forget In the summer months, outdoor classes are offered in a beautiful garden setting under the oak & redwood trees.

(We added reserve your spot to make it seem like classes fill up…which they do. Creating that urgency helps convert into calls and sales. We also mentioned the call to action which tells them to visit the website to schedule their class. Ideally, we would have them call and list her phone number but Kat was receiving too many calls before we even started the video marketing.)

Alright, I hope you found this helpful and it gave you a little insight on how to create the best  script for local video ads. This pretty much sums up everything we need to set up in the live marketing challenge. Next, we will be moving on to how to rank your videos, directory sites, and website. This is where the fun begins! We will start taking up multiple spots on the first page of Google…how exciting!