It’s been a while since we’ve done an update of the Live Marketing Challenge, partly because I wanted to give the directory profile ranking process some time to actually work, partly because I have been super busy with some other projects, and partly because I have been lazy. Either way, this update is ready to rock-n-roll so let’s get into it! 

This is going to be a pretty short, to the point, no fluff post and most of the proof and real results will be provided in the video below. BUT, just to recap this is what we were able to gain just from the little work we have done so far (and when I say little I seriously mean under 1-2 hours). We have been able to get 3-4 spots of the first page of Google several of her main keywords, and 3 spots for different variations of those keywords. We did this through her website, Yelp, Facebook profile and YouTube videos. This even carried over to Yahoo’s search results and we were taking up 4 spot there as well!

If we wanted to totally dominate the first page of Google we could sign up for other directory sites and build backlinks to them as well…but we will be nice to the other yoga studios in Napa and give them a chance.

Thanks cat…I thought so too. (No pun intended since the yoga owner’s name is Kat…although that does kinda make it funnier….ok pun intended).

Alright, check it! Here are the real live results: