This post is going to be short and to the point. Before we start ranking everything I want to show you where we stand and how we are positioned. Just from the minimal work we did we have managed to get some decent rankings. In my opinion this is happening because we picked keywords that were not too competitive, but still got searched a decent amount. If you live in a big city this process will be a little more difficult due to competition, but if you pick the less competitive keywords in that big city you will make your life a lot easier. So here is where we stand…

Here is an overview video showing you some of the different ways we are coming up on the first page of Google. Take a look and see how we are coming up on the first page of Google. We have the website, directory lists, and videos.

Where Our Traffic Is Coming From

In the last 30 days we had 260 unique visitors! I know some of those visits are from some of you following this challenge, but I weeded most of those out of these stats.

Here is where most of the traffic is coming from:

Google: 84
Direct: 76 (This could be people following the challenge, people that heard of her, or people who saw her YouTube videos and typed in her website)
Yelp: 54 ( We have done NOTHING besides adding her profile and following the steps covered here. This is all natural Yelp visits)
Yahoo: 18
Bing: 14
Aol: 2

The rest are 1-2 visits from other search engines.

Here Are The Keywords People Are Using To Find Us In Google

google statsThe BEST thing about these stats are not the number of searches we are getting, but it is the amount of page views per visitor and the time spent on the site. This means people are not clicking on the website and clicking off, they are actually checking out the site! On average, a visitor is spending 2:35 minutes on the site and viewing 4.85 pages.

The only problem with the stats is that some of them (45 to be exact) where Google can’t/won’t tell us because the person searching Google was logged into some kind of Google account. They stopped showing stats on Google users, but we can still get a pretty good idea of what keywords are working and which ones we should focus on more.

Since we started we went from averaging 5-10 views a month when the site first went up, all the way to 260 a month! I can’t wait to see what happens when we start ranking everything!