I wanted to give you another update on the Live Marketing Challenge, so you can see where we are with everything. I am getting really excited and I am sure you are as well because video marketing is next! Right now, we have everything in order and we are getting ready to start producing some videos. I am just waiting on Kat to send me over her footage because she  ended up having someone come over and film some nice footage to use in the video. We are just waiting for them to send over the footage so we can begin editing it. As soon as they do, it will be the first thing on my To-Do list so we can get this challenge moving forward! So, for now here is where we stand.

Website Visitors

In the last progress report, which was only 22 days ago, we received 180 visitors in the last 30 days. I am happy to announce that in the last 30 days from today we hit just above 200! Most of this was an increase from Yelp. But, I will break it down for you.
(It was higher than 200 but I took some out after looking at the stats and accounting for people following the challenge)

Google – 86 visitors (20% increase!)
Direct – 76 (This could be people following the challenge also. It’s hard for me to tell)
Yelp – 48 (100% increase)
Bing – 19
Yahoo – 13
Yelp Mobile – 2

Our Yelp Profile – 80 views and 50 clicks to our website from our Yelp profile.

In my opinion the biggest thing that gave us the increase was Yelp. Google have a little increase too, but Yelp have us a 100% increase over the last report. All we did was fill that profile out 100% and used our keywords in the descriptions, photos, etc. Once start the more advanced marketing we will hopefully see even better results.

To my surprise, the website is still going strong too. We are ranking pretty well in Google without an SEO work, besides the correct titles and keywords used on our pages. This just shows you how picking the less competitive keywords that get the most searches can really help you out. Just remember to give your site time to mature, pick the right keywords and you can see good results.

As we move into video marketing we will see an even bigger increase in web traffic and clients. In fact, Kat has already seen a big increase in customers that she now has a waiting list for her group yoga sessions. I’ll cover that next!

Is Kat Actually Getting More Clients?

Heck ya she is! As you know, we ran the coupon, discount or special for a free group yoga session and her group sessions now have a waiting list! She said she has seen approximately a 50% return rate on the people who use the free session, and in my opinion that is awesome! She spent ZERO extra time to give those free sessions. She was already giving that group session and to have a few extra people attend took no extra work on her part. To get extra students coming in and 50% of them turning into repeat customers is awesome!

Good Problem To Have

Since Kat was getting such a great response for her free group session coupon, we ended that coupon because he classes were filling up. She had to create a waiting list and had to give priority to her paying customers (obviously), so a lot of the customers trying to redeem the coupon would have to wait for an opening and often forget about it.

Since Kat’s true passion is doing private sessions we created a new coupon for her private sessions. We put the coupon on her Fan-Gate landing page on Facebook and on her coupons page on her website. Hopefully, we will be able to get more customers redeeming that coupon and her private sessions start filling up.

We are seeing good results some the things we have done already and it will only get better from here! Hopefully we will get the video footage soon and we can get this challenge rockin and rollin!

Some Quotes From Kat on This Challenge and Where Her Clients Came From

“Super great. I am getting more leads!!”

“Another client found me in bing”

“My friend just now did bing as well to show a friend my site
I was number one!!!!!!”

“Another client said:   I found you by googling “napa yoga” I believe.”

“2 others said they found me on yelp.com”

Client Who Redeemed FREE class coupon:
“I found you in Google…. I’m looking forward to trying out your class tomorrow at 8:45 am tomorrow” (Ended up being a regular student)