Today we are doing the first recap and progress report of the live marketing challenge. I just wanted to show you guys what kind of stats we were able to get over the past month from the work we have done with Kat’s Yoga Studio. I am pretty happy…actually very very happy with the results we have gotten because we haven’t even got to the ranking process or video marketing yet. Let’s check it out.

Yelp Progress

I am surprised and impressed with how well we are doing within Yelp’s site. We only set up the profile a few weeks ago and it isn’t even 100% complete yet. Right now if you go to Yelp and do a search for yoga studios in Napa we were coming up #2, but have since dropped back to #7. We are still on the first page of Yelp for numerous yoga terms.  Once we finish up the profile to be 100% complete I am confident we will move back up to 1 or 2 (especially when we start really optimizing it).


There are a few reasons why I think we dropped back from 2 to 7. One, we don’t have a physical address in the profile because it is a home studio. I know with Google this is a big deal and it may also be with Yelp. I will have to monitor it, but if done right, we can easily get back up there. The second reason is because the profile isn’t even done yet. We still need to add in 10 pictures, a full description with our keywords, etc. Once we do that we will begin getting that baby back up there!

Website Stats

Before I begin I want to remind you we have done zero backlink work to get this website ranked. The only thing I did was optimize the site for keywords that were not very competitive, which we covered in our keyword research post.

In the last 30 days, here are the stats we have received.

Unique Website Visitors: 180 (this is after taking out the traffic sent from my site)

Where Did Those Visitors Come From?

Google – 68 unique visitors found us on Google. Google was unable to tell me what keywords were used on 37 of those people but the remaining 51 people found the site by search Google for 17 different keywords. All these keywords, which you can see below, are based on the keywords I choose when doing keyword research. And on average, they spent  3 minutes and 38 seconds and visited 4.74 different pages on the site, which is huge!google-stats


There is one point I want to make, out of 180 people only 68 found us using Google. That is only 37% of our traffic! This just proves my point that you shouldn’t focus 100% of your efforts on getting ranked in Google. Yea, it helps but there are plenty of other ways to get seen online. By all means, using Google but don’t focus ALL your time on it.

Direct – 58 people came directly to the site. This means they actually typed in and went to the site. This could be current customers, people who heard of the site or the business, past customers, people who saw a flyer, or even people following  this challenge. I don’t want to spend too much on these 58 people because I don’t have the ability to track who they are, but I didn’t want to remove them from our stats either since I don’t know who they are.

Yahoo – 19 people came from Yahoo and they spent an average of 4 minutes and 50 seconds on the site and 6.53 pages! Although Google gave us a lot more visitors, Yahoo gave us a better interaction on our site.  Those visitors found us using 10 different keywords in Yahoo.

Bing – 5 people found us using Bing and they spent 58 seconds on the site and visited 5 pages on average. This  isn’t enough data to make any assumptions but it seems like half of them interacted with the site pretty well and some just clicked away making the stats out of whack. But, they found us using 3 different keywords.

Yelp – 24 people visited our site from Yelp! In 3 weeks we had 24 people check out our website after viewing our Yelp page. According to Yelp’s stats our profile was viewed 30 times and 24 of them clicked over to our website. That is an unbelievable conversion rate. I am actually quite impressed with how many people are using Yelp to find yoga studios in Napa. I was not excepting to get this much traffic from Yelp in 3 weeks.

The rest of the people came from various search engines like, Comcast and other smaller ones.

What’s Next?

I want to 100% complete the other profiles (Yahoo and Bing) and get them up but also move onto Facebook and video marketing. Most people don’t know this, but you can actually get your Facebook profile ranked in Google and use it with video marketing. We will start getting into that and video marketing in the next few weeks.

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