Local Video Marketing Course

Local video marketing is something that every business should be taking a part in, but most business owners think they need to hire a videographer. Well guess what? You don’t! You can get video ads made affordably and market those video ads to get more Yelp reviews, Facebook likes, customers, and even build an email list!

In this video we show you 2 ways you can get affordable video ads made for you local business and a bonus tip, showing you how to get more Facebook likes through those video ads! Be sure to check out this video and then move onto the rest of the article to see what else we have in store for you!

Local Video Marketing

Resources Mentioned In This Video:
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- Our FREE 3 Day Local Video Marketing Course

As you can see there are plenty of ways for you to get video ads without hiring a videographer. Besides the high price tag, they will simply hand you the video and let you try to market it. Most of them will not know how to market that video to get you more customers. In fact, the way the video ad is constructed can have a lot to do with how well that video converts viewers into customers.

Use Video To Get More Customers, Facebook Likes, Yelp Reviews, and Build An Email List

There are certain types of video ads and certain ways to construct your video ad to get you more customers, sales, Facebook likes and more. I have broken it down into 3 types, and 2 of those types are not being used by most small businesses. If you want to see those three types of videos ads and my methods to using those ads to get more Yelp reviews, Facebook likes, and build your email list then check out my FREE 3 day video marketing course for local business owners.

I would love to hear all your feedback on this course. Let me comments and send me emails! Enjoy!