Welcome everyone to the very first post of the Live Marketing Challenge: Local Overtake Technique.  If you are just now hearing about this challenge let me briefly explain what will be happening. I am taking a small, local based, business with almost zero online presence and building it up to have a dominating marketing campaign. I will be using various online marketing techniques and documenting everything on my website to show you exactly how to do this for your business.

I have set up a video for you explaining everything you need to know about this challenge. Please watch this video so you understand what I am doing, why I am doing it and check out the bonuses we have set up for you guys.

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Outline of The Live Marketing Challenge

Below you will find the outline I plan to follow. My goal is to do 1 -2 updates a week so we can move through this promptly and give you as much detailed information as possible. Check it out!

PS – We also set up www.LiveMarketingChallenge.com as a central hub for this challenge to keep this organized.

Phase 1 – Introduction (Today’s Post)

Phase 2Keyword Research (How To Find The Right Keywords)

Phase 3 Setting Up Website (How We Set It Up, Techniques We Used, Website Tricks and Tips)

Phase 4 Signing Up For Directory Sites (Why You HAVE To Do This and Which Ones To Use)

Phase 5 Facebook Profile (How To Set up an EFFECTIVE Facebook Profile for Local Business,  How To Get More Likes, Etc)

Phase 6AVideo marketing For Local Business Part A (Review Videos and Testimonials)

Phase 6B – Video marketing For Local Business Part B (Marketing Video)

Phase 7 Video Marketing Part 2 (How To Rank Videos In Google and YouTube)

Phase 8 Ranking Website, Directory Profiles, and Facebook in Google

Phase 9 – Progress Updates Until Goals Are Achieved

Phase 10 – Conclusion (Results, Things I would Change, What Worked Great, Winners Announced, Etc)

Rules of The Challenge

I encourage everyone to take notes as they follow along and I am here to answer any questions along the way. My ONLY request is that if you have a question please do not email me. Instead, ask the question in the comments field on my website, below the post you have a question on. Most people will have similar questions and by asking all your questions publicly like that will allow others to see my answers. This way all questions and answers will be available for everyone.

Also, you are welcome to incorporate the technique as I go through them. But, I do encourage everyone to wait until the end to completely incorporate everything I go over. The main reason is because this is a test/challenge. I want to see what works the best, what gets the best results for your time, and I want to what doesn’t work. At the end of this challenge you will have a good idea of what will work for your business and what won’t. If you are incorporating things as I do them, you won’t have a chance to see how well it works. By waiting until then end you will know exactly what and where you need to put your time and effort.

Lastly, I would love to hear everyone’s progress and how these techniques helped them. So, when the time comes and you do use my techniques let me know how they work for you. And feel free to share this live marketing challenge with everyone you know. Send them to www.soldwithvideo.com/LLOC so they can sign up and follow along.

The Business For This Challenge

Before I give you the business information I need you to understand this marketing challenge is for ANY LOCAL business or any company who wants more local customers. Even if you are not in the same industry as the business we will be using, you can still bring in more local customers with these techniques. With that said here is the business we will be working on:

Yoga in Napa – Kat’s Yoga Studio
They are a small yoga studio located in Napa Valley, CA and focus on group yoga classes, one-on-one yoga classes, gentle yoga for seniors, and yoga for tourist or people visiting Napa Valley. The only thing they have set up is a website, which we set up for them. They NOTHING else set up. They are not signed up for directory sites, they don’t have a Google places listing, they don’t have any videos, and we will be covering all of this!

Their website is: www.YogaInNapa.com

I am really excited and look forward to getting this started.  The next 2 posts will be about finding the right keywords, which is EXTREMELY important, and setting up the website the right way. Keep tuned because we will be posting soon!