ranking-directory-sitesANNNNDDD moving right along in the Live Marketing Challenge we are going to show you to rank your directory profiles. This means you can get your Yelp, Yellowpages, SuperPages, and ANY other directory profile to come up on the first page of Google. Just like this picture to our right. There are two major benefits to this: first, which is pretty obvious, you can get your information displayed on the first page of Google, and second, you are pushing your competition right off the first page leaving only your online properties to be found. Can you imagine only having your listings on the first page of Google? Pretty sweet, right?

Directory Site Marketing

First Things First

Before you do any of the stuff we are going over I HIGHLY recommend you follow our rules of setting up your directory sites and give them a month or two to rank naturally. If you can get them to rank 100% naturally then you can ignore this entire article, and not have to worry about screwing up anything. The steps we are going to go over must be done carefully to ensure your profile ranks and remains ranked over time.

You can read how to set up your directory profiles here or just follow these simple rules:

1) Fill out your profile 100% complete. This means every description, image slot, captions for images, video slot, keyword fields, category, etc needs to be filled out.
2) Use your keywords in your description, name your image files your keywords, use your keywords and city name where ever possible but make sure it still flows and makes sense.
3) Get good reviews. With Yelp you need to be careful with asking for reviews but there are other methods to getting more Yelp reviews. Other profiles like YellowPages, CitySearch, Google Local, Yahoo Local, etc you can ask for reviews and get away with it fairly easy.

Now To The Good Stuff

If you need a little more power to get your directory profiles to rank I would build backlinks to your channel using a wide range of keyword rich anchor text. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t trip…we will get to that below.

If you don’t know what a backlink is or anchor text, click on the those links and they should tell you. If you still don’t understand then the rest of the post is going to be super confusing…so go do some research and come back to this article.

Important – I am sure there are other ways to get backlinks to your profiles other than what I am going to go over in this article, but this is what I personally use and what gets me results. I am ONLY going to share with your the steps, programs, and techniques I use. I will never show you theories, things I think will work, or promote stuff that I have never used. With that being said, you are always welcome to test things on your own, try different technique or try different programs. With that out of the way let’s get into this.

Building Backlinks

We will be using the same tool we used to rank our video and that is Unique Article Wizard. This is a service we use to speed up the process of article marketing with the purpose of building good quality backlinks. To use this program each submission takes 3 articles, which means you write one article and re-write it three times. I like to write a good quality article and outsource to be spun by a high quality spinner and use The Best Spinner to produce me unique articles in seconds. It really speeds up the process of using Unique Article Wizard (we do go over this whole process in Video Overtake University). I don’t want to dwell too much on how to use UAW, but the reason it is so effective is because they only accept good quality articles and submit your articles and backlinks to relevant article directories or websites. This means you are only getting backlinks from relevant website/pages.

If you need more info you can watch these videos on UAW and The Best Spinner.

When you are building backlinks to your directories I want you to follow these rules:

– Use Your Main Keyword 30% of The Time
– Use Long Tail Keywords Using Your Main Keyword(s) (if you main keywords was “Los Angeles Plumber” use “the best Los Angeles Plumber”)
– Use Generic Keywords too (Things like click here, see more, get more info)
– Build No More Than 10 -20 links a Day To One Directory Profile (UAW allows you to choose how many links you want to get a day)
– Give It Time To Work (This could take months to reach its full potential)
– Need More Power? Use Tiered Backlinking (Use I like to use with videos too).

Following those rules will ensure you get pretty safe results that will last over time. The most important thing to remember is to not build too many links too fast and do not overuse your main keyword in your anchor text. Give it time, make it look as natural as possible and use good quality links.

Why Does This Work?

The thing you need to realize is that the more power and authority a site has the easier it will be to rank the pages on that site. When you create a profile on these directory sites you are creating a page on that powerful website and you have a lot of control of the content on that page because it is your profile. When you build backlinks and do the right type of on-page optimization you are piggy-backing off of their power and authority to get your profile ranked. In my opinion, this is 100 times easier than ranking your website because building power and authority to a new or small site takes time.

Since these are big and powerful sites, you don’t need to be as careful when building links as you would to your website, but if you do, you are ensure your profiles will remain ranked for longs periods of time.

How We Will Be Using It With Yoga In Napa

Here is how we did it:

How To Use Unique Article Wizard For Directory Profiles

I will be use UAW┬áto build links to the Yelp profile, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. I am hoping over time all three will appear in Google’s search results but also move higher within Bing’s and Yahoo’s local listings. In the next post I will show you what I did and the results we are getting. For now, I wanted to share the process and above is the process and rules we will be using. Just for your information…I plan on using these keywords to get theses profiles ranked (I recommend getting your list ready as well so you can rock n roll when the next post goes live):

Main Keywords:

yoga in Napa, yoga Napa, Napa Valley yoga, yoga studio in Napa

Long Tail:

the best yoga studio in Napa, calm yoga in Napa, get more info on yoga in Napa Valley, see more on Napa Valley yoga, visitor yoga in Napa, tourist yoga in Napa, the best tourist yoga in Napa Valley

Stay tuned until the next post when I put all this in action! Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!