How To Get More Facebook LikesGaining more likes to your Business Facebook page is something everyone tries to achieve. Not only does it help you build your brand, stay connected with your customers, but it can also help your website rank higher in Google. Social indicators are beginning to be more powerful in SEO. With social media growing as it is, Google seems to be moving towards social status from social media sites to evaluate how relevant websites are on certain subjects. Do you know how to gain more likes to your business Facebook page?

After you post a status update from your personal Facebook account, asking all your friends to like your business page, what would you do next? You probably got a few likes from friends, but you want more…you need more! So, how is it done? We are compiling a list of methods that work for us and will work for you. This is an ongoing list of different methods, techniques and tactics that you can use to help get you more Facebook likes. Be sure to check back because we will continue to update it with new articles and tests that we run.

Here is our list and methods so far:

Method #1: Run an Ad with a Promotion and Get Targeted Likes 

Method #2: Setting Up a Like Box (Social Plugin) On Your Website

Method #3 – Set Up a Facebook Fangate and Get Traffic To It

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