how to get more facebook fansThis method of getting more Facebook fans is a great method because it can be incorporated into the marketing you are already doing. If you are already posting videos to YouTube or running ads, this method can easily be implemented. So, let’s dive right into this one. 

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Resources Mentioned In This Video:
- My Facebook Landing Page!!!How To Get More Facebook Likes - Run An AdHow To Set Up A Facebook Landing Page

Step 1 – Set Up A Fangate, Landing Page, Or Tab

I am not going to spend too much time on this because we have covered it a lot lately. If you want more information you can see this post on how to set up a Facebook landing page. The idea behind this is to set up a page that your fans see and a page your non-fans see. The non-fan page should tell them to hit the Like button in exchange for some kind of incentive. This could be an eBook, a coupon, more information, or whatever you want. It should be something people will actually want. When a non-fan see’s that page they will hit the Like button and when they do the fan page will appear with that incentive. You can check out our landing page/ Fangate at the link in the resources box above.

It’s a very easy and effective way to get more Facebook likes. Just be sure the tab to that page is also at the top of your Facebook profile, just like we covered in the video above. Now, that your page is set up you need to drive traffic to that page and I have 4 methods on how to do this.

Step 2 – Drive Traffic To Your Fangate or Landing Page

Method #1 – Set Up A Facebook Ad

You can set up a Facebook ad that is designed to get Likes and get people hit the Like button and not on your ad. But, if they do click on your ad you can get take them to your Fangate or Facebook Landing page. When they land on your page they will likely hit the Like button and you just gained a new fan!

Method #2 – Post A Video On Facebook With A Link To Your Fangate (This is my favorite method)

The video I posted above is a perfect example of how to do this. You can post a video answering a question that is commonly asked within your industry. You want to choose a common question to answer because you know people will be searching for it on YouTube and Google. At the end of that video tell them to click the link below to get more information, get an eBook on the topic you were answering, or some other kind of incentive. That link should link to your Facebook landing page and BOOM you just got a new fan!

If you haven’t watched my video, check it out (on YouTube) above because that is a perfect example of how to do it.

Method #3 – Email Your Email Subscriber List

This is pretty straight forward, but you should email your email list. If someone liked you enough to subscribe to your email newsletter then they will most likely like you enough to like you on Facebook. By offering them an incentive you increase the likelihood they will do it and you will make then excited about it. It’s a win win. You get a new Facebook fan and they get a cool bonus.

Method #4 – Put The Thumbnail At The Top Of Your Profile 

You will get people clicking over to your profile and there are things you can do to get people to your profile. You can put a link to your profile on your email signature, on your website, etc. and when they click over you want them to notice the tab to your Fangate. Since, they are on your page why not encourage them to become a fan?

There you have it! My techniques to getting more Facebook Likes by using landing pages and Fangates. I would love to hear your feedback so feel free to leave me a comment below!