A video intro or logo reveal is a great way for you to brand your business and create awesome visual effects in your video. Most people don’t realize you can actually get these done for about $20. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a video editor create one for you, although you can if you want. There is mistake that most people use with video intros and logo reveals and this can lead to losing video viewers and low audience retention rates. In this post, we will show you how to get one for your business and how to use them correctly.

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How To Use Them Correctly

The first 5 to 10 seconds is the most important part of your video because that is where most people will decided to stay on your video or leave. If you don’t get to the point, they will click away and never watch your video. This will leave you with a very low audience retention rate, and this means it will be increasingly hard for you to rank your video.

Add Your Hook

You need to realize that people are clicking on your video to gain some kind of knowledge. It could be to get an answer to a question, to find a business in their area or to learn how to do something. When they click on your video they want to get that information and be reassured they clicked on the right video.

For this reason alone, you never want to start your video with your intro. You need to start with a 1-2 line hook telling them what they will be learning, so they will want to stay and watch. Right after the hook you can start your video intro. This is the format I use on my videos, but before you run off and try this on your videos you should know that not every video needs a logo reveal or video intro. In fact, there are some styles of videos that I would never use a video intro on, lets dive deeper into this.

What Videos Do You Use Video Intros On?

There is one style of video you should never use your logo reveal or video intro on and that is your business or commercial style videos. These will be the videos you are getting ranked in Google and YouTube to be seen by people looking for a business just like yours.

The reason you don’t want to use a logo reveal on this style of video is because these are marketing videos and every seconds counts! You need to keep these videos short and to the point so the viewer sees the entire video. This will help you get ranked, they will convert better and get more customers. The video intros may look cool but this style of video is about effectiveness, not looking cool!

The testimonial or review video can use one, but it doesn’t have to. This is completely up to you and how you want to construct your video. Usually the video viewer will know what this video is about and is actively searching for reviews for testimonials on your business. They will either be on your website or search Google and YouTube for reviews and a short video intro will not (usually) cause them to click away. In fact, a good video intro could leave them with a great impression of your business before they even get to the testimonial or review. Using a hook on this video is not always necessary but it could help.

The last style of video is information, How-To, educational, or FAQ video. These are the types of videos that people will be staying on for a few minutes. You should always start with your hook and go into the video intro. I would try to aim and have your hook and video intro be between 15-30 seconds. Remember the shorter the better, your viewers want the content!

How To Get Them Made

This process is very easy and is very inexpensive. To get a video intro you can start at videohive.net and look through the logo displays, video strings, and openers. There will be a ton of styles, colors, lengths, etc to choose from and it may take a while to find the best one. But, it is important you take the time to find the perfect one because this will be the intro you use on all your videos and what will help brand your business. Once you find the perfect one you can purchase it and download the template.

After you download the template go to fiverr.com and do a search for “videohive” or “aftereffects” and you will be able to find a video editor who can take your videohive template, your logo and your information and send you back your professional video intro. The best part about using fiverr.com is that it will only cost you $5!

*NOTE – I was informed by one of my YouTube viewers that you can actually get video templates at fiverr.com for $5. They will also insert your logo and information into that template and this could save you time and money. The only downside to this is that you could end up with the same style video intro as a ton of other people. This could also happen with using videohive.net but I think it would happen more often if you use fiverr for video templates.

So, there you have it! I would love to hear your feedback and see your NEW video intros. Leave me a comment or leave me a video response on YouTube and show off your new video intro!