facebook video testimonialsThe best way to get someone to buy your products or services is to get them to know, like and trust you. If you can gain all three of those, the sale is as easy as 1-2-3. So, how do you get people to know, like, and trust you? Well, there many ways to do this and one of the most powerful ways is through video testimonials. Video testimonials allow you to identify with the potential customer, prove your business can help them get REAL results, and give yourself credibility. Sounds easy right? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to construct and create your video testimonials in a certain format and if you can nail this format you can gain the “know, like and Trust” almost every time! 

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I put together a 5 step guide showing you how to construct your video testimonials, along with a little goodie to help you get started with your video testimonials today!

Step 1 – Start With The Fear, Concerns, and Current Results

This step is really important because it allows the customer to identify with you or your customer. Chances are the viewer or potential client is experiencing the same fears, concerns, or having the same results and by starting out with those pain points allows the customer to identify with the video. You can also include a personal experience to hit on the emotion of the viewer. An example may be “I was stressed, spending too much time at work and it took a toll on my family”.  By starting your video out with those pain points your customer will identify with them right away. These pain points could be price, results, quality, etc.

Since every video testimonial should start out with the customer talking about their current results, fears and concerns; the style will depend on your industry and customer. If your customer had a bad experience somewhere else before finding you then you will want them to talk about current results. If they didn’t have any prior bad experiences you will want them to talk about their fears or concerns. Now, if you are in the service industry (like me) you will want them to talk about their current results. For my business I might have them start by saying something like “I saw very little results with my video marketing efforts. I put videos up but never saw any ROI on my effort and time. I felt like I was wasting my time. I wasn’t getting any views, conversions or sales. I was spending way too much time focusing on it that I had no free time and it took a toll on my family.” And that would lead us right into the next step.

Before we move on here is another example, if you are a dog groomer you will most likely want them to talk about their concerns. Something like “We were worried about finding the perfect dog groomer because we didn’t want fluffy to be scared or come back with a terrible haircut”. But, if your customer had a terrible experience somewhere else, then you would want them to talk about their current results. This would be something like “Before finding DOG GROOMER we took fluffy to another dog groomer in CITYNAME and they gave her the wrong haircut and it took months to grow back”. NOTE – If you have a customer who did receive a bad experience somewhere else, please refrain from mentioning that business in the video. In my opinion it is bad business etiquette, makes you look bad, and will cause more problems than it is worth. Just mention they went somewhere else first and explain their experience. There is no need to mention the business name.

Step 2 – Results They Got and How It was Working With You

Since we targeted the pain points and identified with the viewer we need to give them the solution and begin building our credibility. This is done by having your client talking about the results they got with you and your business, followed up by how easy it was to work with you.

With my business my client may say something like “But as soon as I began working with Brandon my video marketing sky rocketed. We began getting targeted viewers to our videos, we captured a ton of leads and I saw a 50% revenue increase from our video marketing alone. The best part was that there was very little effort on my part. I told him a little about my business, the keywords I wanted to target and he came back with a plan on the proper keywords and audience and we went with it! We hit the first page of Google and after that, I just received a report of the rankings and numbers. I am now spending more time focusing on the right part of my business and able to spend more time with my family.”

Another example with this would be the dog groomer example. You would want your customer to say something like “DOG GROOMER did an excellent job. I have never seen such beautiful work and it is so reassuring knowing that they offer a cage free environment when they groom their dogs. My dog didn’t even want to leave because when they were done grooming they allow the dogs to play together! And on top of all that the price was one of the most affordable in the area. DOG GROOMER was the most friendly person to work with and they truly love all the dogs that come in.”

By the customer explaining their experience they are reassuring the customer that you will be the solution to their pain points. This also gives you credibility because the customer has nothing to gain from their testimonial. In the viewers eye, the person in the video is the same level as them. The viewer can relate and trusts your customer in the video.

Step 3 – How Did They Feel and Do They Recommend You

This will allow you to tap into the emotions and get your recommendation. Have your customer explain how they felt after working with you and if they recommend you. You can also have them enter a line or two about how it benefited them personally. Example, “I now have more time to focus on my family” or “I can now live a stress free life and I am spending more time with my friends”. This will allow them to connect to your viewer on an emotional level and make the video viewer WANT to work with you.

For example, my customer my say “I have complete confidence in Brandon and I felt a huge sense of relief knowing my video marketing was in his hands. It was like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can re-focus on my business and family. I would only recommend Brandon for your video marketing needs. I can’t recommend him enough”.

With the dog groomer you might see something like “It feels wonderful not having to worry about my dog and knowing DOG GROOMER loves her as much as I do. She is a part of my family and it is such a relief knowing that DOG GROOMER will show her the love she deserves.”

Step 4 – Ask If They Would Like To Add Anything

You can keep or cut this part, but it allows the customer to add anything you may have forgot about or something they forgot about earlier. There isn’t too much to this step, just let them flow and hopefully they give you some good stuff to add.

Step 5 – Have Them Sign A Release!

You need to have them sign a release giving you full rights to the footage, letting you use them in the video, stating they didn’t receive any compensation, etc. If you don’t, you could end up with some legal problems later down the road. Since these are loyal customers you will most likely not have a problem, but you should ALWAYS protect yourself and your business. I would even start your testimonial with you asking them if you have their permission to film them, use the video to promote your business, you have full rights to the content, etc and have them sign a release.

To help you out, I want to give you a download of a free release form you can use. You can access it here. Legal Disclaimer – You should have a lawyer inspect it before using.