facebook marketing 101Facebook is an important part of any business, and in my opinion, it is a little more valuable for local businesses. Using Facebook allows you to announce specials, deals, your hours, etc and it allows that your announcements and content to be spread virally throughout Facebook. But, the most important reason is because it allows you to easily build an audience of local residents. If you decide to run an ad you can have that ad only appear for people who live in your area and you can even choose whatever demographic you want. That is extremely powerful for almost every local based business. In this post we will go over everything you need to get started with Facebook and see how we did it with Kat’s Yoga Studio.
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Resources Mentioned In This Video:
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How To Set Up A Facebook Profile

There are some rules you need to follow when setting up your Facebook profile and we already wrote up a post on how to set up a Facebook profile, so be sure to check it out before moving on.

For this challenge, I want to include a few tips that were not included in “how to set up a Facebook profile” guide. One thing we did not cover is the description you put in the Facebook profile. You want to use your keywords in the description of your Facebook profile. This will help you rank better within Facebook for searches (which doesn’t happen very often but it does from time to time) but also in Google. Yes, your Facebook profile can be ranked in Google!

facebook in google

Since Facebook is a huge and powerful site, your  business profile can get ranked in Google, just like a directory site would. Your Facebook profile is another online property and I would focus on getting it ranked before your website. By lightly included your keywords in your Facebook profile you can optimize it to get ranked. I would also add images that are re-name with your keywords (example: yoga in napa.jpg)  and make a complete profile. This means you fill out every option they give you and add a decent amount of pics and even video. Lastly, add in your website in the website field because that will be a considered a backlink, which will help it rank better.

What We Did For Yoga In Napa

We completed the Facebook profile and uploaded some photos with our keywords as the files names. We also created a description and lightly used our keywords throughout, but we wrote it so it still made sense. I would never suggest keyword stuffing or just listing keywords in your description. After we completed the description, we went through and fully filled out the rest of the profile.

From a design standpoint, we used Kat in the cover image with a slogan/quote she liked. She wanted her business to branded and perceived as simple and calm and that was our goal with her cover image. Simple, to the point and calm. We avoided using call to actions and company logos or names. UPDATED: You can now use call to actions, contact info and pricing as long as it is under 20% of your overall image. In the profile image we added in the branding and website URL. I recommend you follow the same rules to avoid getting in trouble with Facebook. We also added a landing page which we will get into next!

You can see Kat’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/KatsYogaStudio

Facebook Landing Pages

Did you know you can set up pages on your Facebook page, just like you would on your website? Well, guess what? You can and it’s awesome! You can create a page to show your services, videos, opt-in forms, specials, deals, and much more. You can create pages on your Facebook profile for almost everything. You don’t need to have a ton of pages, but 1-3 well designed landing pages can help you convert viewers into customers. You can even run some ads and have them link to these landing pages (which is cheaper than having them go to your website). We already have a post on how to create a Facebook landing page so be sure to check that out to set up your own landing pages.

What We Did For Yoga In Napa

We only set up one landing page for Kat which is a landing page designed to get her more customers and “likes”. We created a special offer for all her Facebook fans, but you can only see the special if you are a Facebook fan. This means all non-fans will see a page that says “Like our page to get our special” and when they hit the “like” button on that page, the special comes up and we just got a new “like”. Now, that they received this special, they will come in to redeem it and now we have a new customer.

The reason we only set up one landing page is because we decided it was better to only give them one option to instead of several. This way they only have one possibility to click on.

Now, that our landing page it set up we can even run an ad to Napa residents and have it click over to that landing page. This way we will be getting new customers in the Napa area and new “likes” from those Napa residents.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

This is a topic that could go on forever because there are a ton of ways to get more Facebook Likes. I plan on coming up with more methods in the future and going over them on my YouTube channel (subscribe link), but for now, here are my how to get more Facebook likes techniques. I will go over the easiest one’s for you to do right now, but be sure to check back over the next few months as I add in more methods.

Here are the easiest ways:
– Add a Facebook sign on your business so people are aware of your profile
Run an ad (click to see how)
– Ask your email list to like your profile
Add a Facebook Like Box to your website (click to get a free Like Box)
– Have people check-in when they come in (we go over this next)

How Will I Be Doing This With Kat?

We will probably start a little slow on this and not ramp up too fast. She is already seeing good success with what we have done so far and we want to grow at a pace where she will not be overwhelmed. For right now we will ask her current clients to “like” her page just so we can stay in contact with them and add a Like Box to the website. But, when we do go full force we will probably start by running an ad to the landing page and offer a new customer discount. Then move onto the check-in technique, which we will go over next.

Why You Should Get People To Check In

When you have a business profile up you can get your customers to “check-in” when they come into your business. This is done through Facebook’s mobile app, based on your GPS location. This means they have to actually be at your business to check-in. So, businesses that do not have an actual building or store front may not be able to use this technique. But, if you do have a storefront or actual location I would recommend you use this technique.

When customers come in you can ask them to “check-in” on Facebook. If you ask, some will and some won’t. But, if you offer them a “daily surprise” if they do, almost all of them will do it. You don’t even need to ask them, just put up a sign that tells them to do it to get a surprise. Most of them will do it, show you they did it and ask for the surprise.  I would make sure the surprise is of value to them so they don’t bad talk you on Facebook, in fact if you make that surprise super awesome, they will probably tell people about it and get more people into your business.

When they check-in it is broacasted on their profile that they checked in to your business. And, if any of their friends are near your business when they check-in they will be notified that their friend is at your business. This means you could be getting their friends to come into your business too!  So, you end up getting free advertising on their Facebook profile, but you also get the message broadcasted to their friends who are near your business. It is pretty dang awesome.

facebook checkin

Here’s An Example Of How It Works

I went wine tasting with my wife and our friends a few weekends ago. Behind the counter was a sign that said “Check-In on Facebook and get our daily surprise”. Naturally, we all checked-in and showed the pourer that we did, and she ended up giving all of us a free glass of their new champagne. This was very smart on their end; I was very impressed with their strategy.

When we checked-in it was broadcasted to all of our Facebook pages that we were at that winery (with a link to their Facebook profile). Now any one of our friends that were near that winery were notified that we were there, which could encourage people to stop by. This means they just got free advertising from us on Facebook.  But, the smartest thing they did was make their “daily surprise” a free glass of their new champagne…this is genius. When you go wine tasting you usually end up buying a bottle or two (or 10 haha!) of your favorite wine. That is the whole underlying reason you go wine tasting (or why they offer it). Since, they gave us a free glass of that champagne they are allowing us to taste it for free, which puts us in a good mood and greatly increases the chances we will buy a bottle of it.  This means we are advertising them on Facebook and possibly buying their product. It’s a great strategy!

If you are in the product business I would totally recommend you doing this, because you could technically get someone to pay to advertise your business to their friends. It’s a marketing technique that has never been possible before (as far as I am aware). I will try to figure out a way to incorporate this into Kat’s yoga studio and if I do I will go over it in this challenge.

Thanks everyone for following this challenge and I am sure there will be a few questions from this update. So, be sure to ask the questions in the comment field below and I will answer them as soon as I can!