Nothing is worse than creating videos for your business, uploading them to YouTube and nobody watches them. Or even worse, they are watching your videos but it doesn’t bring you any new customers.

Over the past 7 years we have been building up YouTube channels that not only produce millions of views but actually produces results our clients want. Everything from new customers, to more views, subscribers, and leads are all results we bring in on a daily basis from YouTube.

Instead of just randomly posting videos to YouTube and hoping people see our videos, we start with the end goal. Once we determine what you want from YouTube we work backwards, handcrafting the perfect video strategy.

We begin by focusing on creating the perfect video content to attract your audience and we combine it with video triggers that compel your audience to take the action you want.

This is why it’s common for our customers videos to get up to 42% click-thru rates on their videos.

We’ve worked with the small local business all the way to the big corporations and the results are always the same. More views, bigger channels and more customers. It is possible for every business, big or small, to see huge success with YouTube.

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