Starting today January 30, 2013 I will be publicly taking a local based business and growing it through various online marketing strategies to bring in a bunch of new customers. This is a marketing technique I came up with call the Local Overtake Technique and it allows us to take up several spots of Google’s first page. The business we will be using has almost zero online presence and I will be showing you how to take up several spots in Google for your local keywords. So, follow along, have fun and begin bringing in more local customers.

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Outline and Recap Of This Challenge

Live Marketing Challenge 1: Introduction, Business Announced, Outline and My Thoughts
Live Marketing Challenge 2: How To Do Keyword Research For Your Local Business
Live Marketing Challenge 3: How To Make and Construct Your Local Business Website
Live Marketing Challenge 4: How To Use FREE Directory Sites To Market Your Business
Progress Report #1: How Many People Have Seen Our Website?
Live Marketing Challenge 5: Intro To Facebook Marketing For Local and Small Business
Progress Report #2 – Live Marketing Challenge
Live Marketing Challenge 6: Video Marketing Part A – Review and Testimonial Videos
Live marketing Challenge 6: Video marketing For Local Business Part B (Marketing Video)
Progress Report #3 – Rankings, Standings and Results Before Adding Ranking Power
Live Marketing Challenge 7 – How To Rank Local Videos
Live Marketing Challenge 8 – How To Rank Directory Profiles and Your Facebook Page
Progress Report: Taking Up 4 Spots of Google with Video, Website, Facebook and Directory Profiles