Video Marketing Part A – Video Testimonials and Review Videos – Live Marketing Challenge

I decided to break up the video marketing section into a few parts. The reason I decided to do this is because it will allow me to go a little deeper into each part of local video marketing. They are several types of videos that every business owner should be doing, which we discuss in my free local business video marketing course. It takes more than creating a video showing off your services. In fact, you can cast a net of different types of video ads capturing all sorts of local searches. In this post we will talk about the first type, reviews and testimonials.

viral marketingIs viral video marketing a good strategy for local and small business owners? It can be if it is done correctly and set up properly. In fact, it’s a lot easier than most people think. But, do you actually know what viral means? Once you understand the meaning and see how it can be a powerful tool for your small and local business you will be thanking me! Let’s check out how you can use it in your business.

Local Video Marketing and Introducing Our 3 Day Video Marketing Course For Local Business Owners

Local Video Marketing Course

Local video marketing is something that every business should be taking a part in, but most business owners think they need to hire a videographer. Well guess what? You don’t! You can get video ads made affordably and market those video ads to get more Yelp reviews, Facebook likes, customers, and even build an email list!

Video Marketing Tip # 4 – How To Get Your Video Viewers To Visit Your Website

Do you know how to turn your video viewers into website traffic? Well you should, because that is the entire point of video marketing. If you don’t or if you want more help, you NEED to check out this video marketing strategy we created help increase the amount of website traffic you get from your videos.

We use this technique because it is a very effective method, but it also allows you to give your video viewer so much value that they are happy to click over to your website. That’s right…no more begging, hoping or tricking your video viewers into clicking over to your website. Let’s face it, even if begging, hoping, and tricking your video viewers works, they WILL NOT stay on your site for very long and they won’t return.

But, using this technique in your videos gives your video viewer so much value they will be happy to click over and will likely return to your website again. So, let’s great right into video marketing tip #4.

Video Marketing Tip #3: How To Turn Your Video Viewers Into Customers (Local and Small Businesses)

As a small and local business owner you need to be taking part in video marketing. Why, you might ask? The main reason is that it works for you 24/7 and is one of the cheapest forms of marketing possible. But, you need to do it correctly so you can turn anyone watching your video into a customer. If you are not turning people watching your video into customers, then you’re wasting your time with video marketing.

With this video marketing tip you can learn how to take any local or small business video ad and turn it into a customer creating machine. So, what is this marketing tip?

Video Marketing Tip #1 – Avoid Your Viewers Watching Your Competitors Videos (The Stay With Me Technique)

We all know video is one of the most powerful marketing techniques on the internet today, but do you know how to make sure your viewers only watch your videos? YouTube is one of the best places to market your videos because it is such a powerful site and gets a ton of exposure. The only problem with YouTube is that it shows related videos on the right side bar and on your video when it’s done playing. This means it could show videos from your competitors! Seems counterproductive right? WELL, what if I told you you can avoid this completely and almost eliminate it as a problem? …Ready? Check it!

How QR Codes Can Drastically Improve Your Video Marketing

What is a QR Code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional barcode that is read by almost every smart phone on the market. Users can scan a QR code with their smart phone and be directly linked to landing pages, websites, videos, contact information, directions, special deals, and even allow you to send text messages or call phone numbers. They allow you to interactively connect with potential clients in areas that used to be strictly print-based. QR codes have had a slow start, but are quickly gaining momentum and can be very effective in your video marketing efforts.

How To Rank Your Videos In The Search Engines Like Google and YouTube

Ranking Videos in Google and YouTubeGetting Your Videos Ranked Increases Video Views and Sales

With video you can deliver a fast, easy, powerful message that allows you to connect with your client, or future client, on a personal level. The one problem that most people face is getting their video seen. This can be solved by getting your videos ranked in Google and YouTube for targeted keywords and phrases.